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4 oz dropper bottle (filled to around 7oz)‼️


This body oil is super moisturizing. It helps to heal dry, cracked, damaged skin. Use it on those problem areas such as the elbows, kneecaps and heels of your feet. This body oil is made with oils such as hemp seed oil, avocado, rose hips, tamanu and nourishing vitamin E oil. This oil is perfect for those that suffer with psoriasis, eczema, dry skin and other skin conditions.


Key Ingredients



  • Hemp Seed Oil - Rich in omegas and vitamins that heal skin!
  • Rosehip Oil - Antiviral, Antibacterial, Antifungal! Rich in fatty acids and antioxidants! Speeds cellular regeneration
  • Tamanu Oil - Helps produce collagen and restore skin! Has wound healing abilities that allows it to reduce scars and ease minor burns/sunburns!
  • Black Cumin Oil- Anti-inflammatory! Keeps skin elastic and fights free radicals that cause fine lines & aging.
  • Black Currant Oil- Anti-inflammatory! Comprised of fatty acids that absorb deep into the skin. Helps boost the skin's barrier. Helps to heals and repairs skin conditions such as eczema!
  • Sunflower Oil- Contains Vitamin E and antioxidants to prevent premature Aging/Wrinkles! Contains linoleic acid to help skin retain moisture and protect against bacteria!

Ultra Healing Oil~ Blueberry🫐 Pancakes 🥞

  • Ingredients: Sunflower Oil, Black Currant Oil, Black Cumin Oil, Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Organic Rosehip, Organic Tamanu Oil, Avocado Oil, Vitamin E Oil

    Scent: Fragrance Oil

  • Can be used daily! Use as often as needed!

    Open dropper bottle then use dropper to retrieve the oil. Apply the oil on your body while massaging it in. Use on dry elbows, cracked heels, dry hands and much more!

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