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What is Crowned Blessed?

Crowned Blessed is a family owned business created by Danielle Smalls. 


Danielle (aka Sassydaniela on social media) grew up in a small town known as Monticello, New York. She graduated college in Albany, NY. After graduating from college, she worked in HR positions and property management companies where she realized her love for business. Being dissatisfied in standard career roles and disappointed by the nature of some business owners/CEOs, she embarked on the path of entrepreneurship.


On her path of business ownership, she soon realized the need for businesses owned by women of color. As an African American woman, she hopes to be an example to all women. Showing that the possibilities are endless as long as you do not give up, work hard and believe that you can do anything! Her faith sets the tone for establishing trustworthy, moral and ethical business relations.



The Crowned Blessed Mission

Our mission is to provide need based services and affordable products. Our goal is to promote spiritual and mental health through the services that we provide. 

We believe that everyone has a purpose. Our purpose is to spread positive energy and uplift our community. It's important that we encourage others to tap into their optimal potential!

With Crowned Blessed, you'll get the quality service that you want and the tools that you need, to live your blessed life!  

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