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Package In A Gold Pouch With A Motivational Message! 🥰

Enhance your shower/bath experience with this amazing exfoliating cloth. Our cloth can be used as a bath cloth and applied to wash the face and body. Easily remove makeup, grease, oil and dirt!

Grab some of our fantastic soaps too😃

The Best Deep Exfoliating Cloth

  • It’s super easy to clean and fast-drying. (The Color Of The Trim Is Dependent On Our Available Colors)


    The soft weave shower cloth can be washed in the washing machine and hung out to dry after each use. The material is reliable and durable, made of nylon with reinforced edges to prevent unraveling so it’s LONG LASTING!


    Size is 27 x 23 cm/ 10.63 x 9.05 inch

  • Directions For Use:

    Body- Use cloth with our soap bars or whipped soap for a wonderful exfoliating experience. 

    Face- Please be gentle when using on the face! Cloths are truly powerful! 

    Use As You Would A Wash Cloth, Loofah, Bath Mit Or Exfoliating Net!

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