6 piece set includes 1 larger container (9.6in x 6.4in x 1.9in), 1 medium container (6.4in x 6.4inch x 1.9in) and 4 small containers (6.4in x 3.2in x 1.9in) 

Can be use for your desk, dresser, bathroom, kitchen, office drawers, table, countertops, cabinet
Customizable configuration to fit your needs and the size of your drawer. Translucent plastic allows you to see the items of each tray from any angle. Durable, long-lasting plastic is easy to wipe clean (or hand-wash with soap and water)

✨Perfect for storing cosmetics, makeup tools, hair accessories, nail polish, jewelry, toothpaste, hairbrushes, medicine, kitchen utensil cutlery silverware, office supplies, etc.

Clear Plastic Drawer Organizers (6 piece set)